Credit pool simulation – an ideal solution

Do a credit consolidation simulation here!

Difficult and complicated to make ends meet? Do you already think about doing a credit consolidation that will allow you to consolidate all your outstanding loans into one credit.
Lending companies offers you an ideal solution to remedy this. You can now redeem personal credit.

A credit consolidation is all your outstanding loans in one loan.

Simulation of credit consolidation

Simulation of credit consolidation


You facilitate the administrative management of your credits in course, do not repay a monthly payment negotiated by credit but a single monthly payment. This is a simplified management solution for your current loans. With the repurchase of credit, you will be able to renegotiate your interest rates and thus save money.

What is a credit union ?

What is a credit union ?

Loan consolidation is a loan that consists of collecting several credits of different types in one monthly payment. This saves money because the rates are renegotiated downwards and the duration is increased. Monthly payments will be reduced in this way. The collection of debts makes it possible to define a new credit agreement with a longer duration, a single rate and a smaller monthly payment.

The benefits of credit redemption

  • Reduce the monthly payments of your loan
  • Lengthen debt repayment time
  • Anticipate a fall in income (unemployment, job loss, illness, death, etc.)
  • Rebalancing the budget

The loan consolidation offers

The offers on the market are more and more diversified and to choose the most appropriate offer, it is necessary above all to simulate loan. Well studied, your group of credit will allow you to benefit from reduced rates, lower monthly payments and you can, therefore, optimize your purchasing power. With the repurchase of credit, a borrower can obtain rates ranging generally between 3 to 12%. If you are considering consolidating your credits, start now by comparing the online offers, to get an overview of the best rates offered on the credit buyback market.

Lending companies offers you some of the best online loan lender in Belgium and Luxembourg. Make the loan redemption simulation that suits you and determine according to the interest rate or the monthly payments negotiated if this operation is interesting for you.
Any request for a loan consolidation is free and without obligation.